Business Intelligence Dashboard

Hello PsyOptions Team - I am a frontend engineer who is wanting to contribute to the development of PsyOptions. I have been communicating with your team about projects that can be taken on and I would like to lead in the contribution of the Business Intelligence Dashboard.

I would be able to work 8 hrs per day, 5 days a week (Total 40hrs/week) on the development for this project. Progress will be communicated through Slack and work will be updated via GitHub at the end of each day.

The repo can be found here: GitHub - mithraiclabs/bi-dashboard: A frontend for displaying analytical information for the Psy Ecosystem

The total amount of time to complete is an estimated 3-4 weeks. I am requesting a grant in the amount of $2k per week for a max total of $8k. I would prefer the grant be distributed proportionately at the end of each week.

I am excited to get started and begin contributing asap! Please let me know if these requirements are acceptable. Looking forward to working with PsyOptions!


PsyOptions needs this!! It would be awesome for you to tackle this!

This is one of the first proposals by a new contributor for something that is really needed. I think we need to use this as a time to create the rules on the process for how contributors get compensated by the DAO.

A DAO’s payments are executed on-chain, so they cannot be clawed back if someone gets paid ahead of time, doesn’t complete the work, and runs with the money. With this in mind I believe DAOs must create a structure that is more stringent on new contributors, where payment shall be made for delivering usable milestones.

If a contributor (or team) delivers on multiple proposals then the community/DAO might agree more with letting the user propose getting X payment for Y months work without needing milestone based proposals. Then the payment shifts to become lump sum up front.

Action Items

@Tadashi Could you shift the proposal to be milestone based with short descriptions on the clear deliverables and payment for the deliverable?

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Hi @tomjohn1028
I am ready to work on the project.