Proposal to become Media Partner with PsyOptions

Dear PsyOptions Team,

I’m Kim Vo from GTA Ventures. GTA Ventures is a pioneer and the premier crypto assets venture, project accelerator, and community builder based in Vietnam. We support cryptocurrency projects in the early stage and provide marketing solutions helping projects to expand their reach. I created this post to send our proposal to offer a Media Partnership to the PsyOptions team.

We are now highly interested in the PsyOptions project and would love to become a Media Partner, help PsyOptions to expand its reach in the Asia and Vietnam market. The blockchain industry in Vietnam is a boom and ready to explode, we believe this would be a great chance for PsyOptions to bring its name to the world.

With provided marketing solutions, we believe that users will not only know or hear about PsyOptions, they will understand deeply about the project. We understand that community education is really important when bringing the name of PsyOptions closer to communities in Asia and Vietnam.

Here is our proposal for your reference.

Please reach our community here:
Facebook Group | Twitter | Trading | Research | Youtube

Glad to have a chance to support PsyOptions on the path of development. Please consider our proposal and discuss, feel free to ask if you have any questions.


Thank you for the proposal! Lets see if we can get some more likes before we can move forward

Sure, if you guys have any questions for me, please feel free to ask :wink:

Definitely sounds interesting. Think this is something that we should look into more.

Simple Thesis: the Asian market is huge, and combined with the recent crackdowns on centralized derivatives trading, users are likely going to search for decentralized options to continue trading

Definitely agree, the market in Asia and especially in Vietnam still has a lot of room to grow. This will be a great chance for potential projects like yours. Furthermore, DeFi is growing strong now.

Would you all be able to help with translations to reach the audience?

That will be a part of our marketing solutions. Besides translations, we also have KOLs to publish posts, Youtube videos to help PsyOptions expand its reach more :smiley: