Proposal to Reimburse Koldbreu For Previous Contributions and Future Payment Structure

Koldbreu was one of the first PsyOptions community members to start contributing to the PsyOptions project, primarily through their design works which we have used frequently in marketing promotions. A few examples of what we have used Koldbreus designs for include our roadmaps for 2021 and 2022, the banner used in our partnership announcement with Symmetry, the default banner used in our Medium articles, and more.

Koldbreu has always been a pleasure to work with. They get the job done quickly, and are always receptive to feedback and willing to make the necessary changes based on this feedback. Having them around has made the announcement process much easier.

My proposal is simple. I would like to retroactively pay Koldbreu $1,000 USD for their previous banner work. Additionally, I would like to continue rewarding them for their help and with that in mind, also propose that we pay Koldbreu $1,000 USD for every 5 banners used in marketing promotions going forward.

The Core Team should be able to make suggestions on these banners, and get them changed. Additionally, “usage” will be defined as putting the banner(s) within Medium articles, tweets, Discord/Telegram announcements, and YouTube. Finally, Koldbreu must be comfortable with KYC to receive their payments.


This sounds reasonable and great! I’ll cover the costs off-chain via the lab entity to keep it simple and fast :slight_smile: