Proposal to write content in medium about psyoptions

I would like to make a proposal to the community to allow creators like me to write about psyoptions in and compensate.
I strongly believe education and marketing about options trading is really important. Options trading and its benefits/risks are fairly unknown to most of the users. There are little to no articles in crypto space which can explain it users in a simple way. By educating more users- the benefit of options, more adoption will come to psyoptions. This will be beneficial to whole community and the project.

I consider myself as a new but quality writer. My medium profile is here.
I have written about a proof of concept about options trading also.

Please consider and discuss about my proposal.


This sounds interesting!

Do you have a list of topics or pieces you’d like to write and publish on the PsyOptions medium?

I think it’s a good idea. It would be nice to have informative articles for our new users on how to use the project. :slightly_smiling_face: