Welcome to PsyOptions!

Welcome to PsyOptions’ Forum!
PsyOptions is an American style options protocol built on the Solana blockchain. The principles that have guided the architecture and development of the core protocol are flexibility and composability. It is completely trustless. The core protocol makes no assumptions on how the options should be traded or priced. Options are represented as SPL Tokens, which means they can be traded on any DEX that supports SPL Tokens.

This forum is a place for all PsyOptions constructive discussions, governance and Protocol Improvement Proposals, where users can directly contribute their unique ideas to the growth and development of PsyOptions. Please be sure to catch up on weekly updates and current proposals to understand the context and current status!

Our Forum is comprised of categories. Categories are the general topic that will be discussed to funnel correct requests into. Please try to use the most relevant category when writing your postings.

Categories Layout:

Governance: The main form of governance in PsyOptions. These are written proposals created by a team or community members that are designed to signal or effect changes to PsyOptions governance or products. Come here if you have a formulated idea that you think would be worth the community to decide on or if you want to actively contribute discussing new products, frameworks, etc.

Grants: Apply for a grant! Any contribution of your skill and ideas regarding PsyOptions, Option Markets, Option Strategies, and NFTs, are welcomed. Try to be specific in the milestones, timeframe, and the grant amount.

Listings: This category is used for discussion around newly-proposed collateral types and option markets that should be added to PsyOptions.

Support: Frequently asked questions and general support can be found here. This is a good starting place to find the answers to some common problems.

We are happy that you have joined our community and welcome you to sharing your ideas and interacting with our diverse community!

-PsyOptions Team