Proposal for Allocation of PSY Tokens Based on Previous Contributions

Dear PsyOptions Team,

I am grateful for the opportunity to submit this proposal and express my enthusiasm to continue contributing to the success of PsyOptions. As a former Community Manager/Moderator at PsyOptions, I, Khalid, hereby submit a proposal for PSY token allocation based on my previous work contributions. During my tenure, which lasted approximately 8 months, I was dedicated to increasing community engagement by holding various events on the discord server, implementing referral programs to attract new communities, managing the discord server, sharing the latest updates with the community, and effectively resolving community issues in a timely manner. As a result, we experienced significant growth in community engagement, received positive feedback from community members, and successfully organized events.

Following discussions with the core team, I would like to formally apply for an allocation of PSY tokens that I can adequately justify based on the value I have contributed to the organization. Specifically, I am applying to receive 500,000 PSY tokens at the current market price of approximately $4000.

I acknowledge that a lock-in period may be required by most token holders, and I am fully committed to complying with this necessary requirement. I propose a lock-up period of one year and am open to further discussions with the team to agree on specific terms for this period.

As a former team member, I had the opportunity to contribute to the development of PsyOptions during its early stages, and I believe that my previous work experience is deserving of recognition through this PSY token allocation. Thank you for considering my request.


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Could you clarify the significant growth in community members ?
I don’t think this proposal has any relevant detail such as (took action A, which lead to X% growth over the next N days; action A is related to X growth due to …)
It’s very hard to quantify the actual effort and impact based on this description of your tenure.

Thank you for bringing up the issue for clarification, and I apologize for any confusion that may have arisen. To be clear, in my proposal, I emphasized the growth of community engagement, which was achieved through the implementation of various events during my tenure. I understand that the details of community growth are typically handled by the marketing team, and I did not mean to imply otherwise. My focus was on solving community problems and managing community engagement through these efforts. I hope this additional information helps clarify my proposal, and I appreciate your consideration of my request.

As a long time contributor of this organization my goal here is to find some sort of grant structure that adequately rewards you and incentivizes you to help grow the community and organization. So there are a few clarifying questions or comments I’d like to make on the proposal as written (numbered not in any particular order, but so they can be referenced by you or others in follow up).

  1. There still isn’t much clarity into what was actually done during those 8 months. So it’s hard to quantify whether a 4,000 USD value is too small, too much, or just right.

  2. All other contributors or investors have been locked up for 4 - 5 years. A 1 year cliff, with monthly linear vesting beyond the cliff.

  3. The amount of PSY derived from the notional value of work (4,000 USD) is marked to current market, but the work was done long before. All current contributors, investors, etc were marked to market at the present time (i.e. ~$0.12 per PSY). So marking to current market seems extremely dilutive.

  4. It’d be great to know you’ll be an active voice of support and do a bare minimum of tweeting about the org, retweeting the org’s official account, etc. Could this be monitored.

  5. SPL Governance allows grants to be clawed back. I think it would make sense to allow claw back if some sort of continued support for the organization is not maintained. (i.e. items from 4, participating in governance, active in community chats, etc)

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Thank you for your feedback and comments on my proposal. I appreciate the opportunity to clarify some points and address your concerns:

  1. As an early-stage contributor to the organization, I understand that my proposal may lack specific details. Nonetheless, I have assumed the responsibility of Community Manager/Moderator and have diligently executed the standard duties and responsibilities associated with this position. As you may be aware, I have organized numerous events to promote community engagement on the server, address community concerns, and foster enthusiasm for this successful project, all while actively participating in discussions. Regarding the incentive value, I determine it based on both the notional value of work and the duration of my tenure. However, I am open to further discussion to decide a better and fair value.

  2. I appreciate your suggestion to discuss the lock-in period and vesting schedule further, and I am open to exploring this option to ensure the best interest of the organization. However, I believe that a final decision on this matter can only be made after confirming my allocation.

  3. I value your opinion on this matter and although this may be a subjective opinion, I am of the opinion that considering alternative intensive mechanisms, such as receiving payment in USDT based the notional value of work, may be worth considering. In any case, ensuring that the incentives are fair is important and I appreciate your attention to this matter.

  4. I am committed to being an active voice supporting the organisation and engaging in social media activities such as tweeting and retweeting the organisation’s official Twitter account. I understand that this may be monitored to ensure continued support, and I am fully supportive of this.

  5. I respectfully disagree with the proposed idea of clawing back the grant based on my contributions and incentives received. In my view, such an option would not be equitable. Nevertheless, I remain committed to supporting the organization through governance participation and social media engagement.